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Our Learning Spaces 

Each room caters for a different age group and is stocked with resources that are age appropriate in order for children to have the best opportunities to learn all the skills they need to become successful adults.

We have a baby room, a toddler room, a preschool room and a sensory room as well as a spacious garden! 

Baby Room 

Our baby room offers a home from home environment where children feel confident and comfortable to explore a resourceful and tranquil environment.  We ensure we allow smooth transitions by getting to know parents and their child/ren on settling in sessions to allow us to be able to lean more about the child and be able implement their daily routines at nursery without disruption.

All of our baby room staff have specific baby training to ensure a  fully safe environment


Toddler Room 

Our toddler room offers a more natural environment where we involve parents in their child's learning journey.  Toddles can access a range of meaningful resources that relate to all their interests, they are able to transport and transfer resources to activities of their own choice. Staff are sensitive to children needs and ensure that all care is tailored to each individual child. Staff support parents by completing thorough settling in sessions, two year checks and parent workshops. 



Our Preschool room is a calm environment where children can learn the skills for school. Providing a space they want to come to, a home from home! The room is stocked with a wide range of loose parts and endless creative activities to help children think, feel and express themselves.  Our preschool staff promote school readiness by helping children to become independent, respectful and responsible for their own actions and feelings and how they can deal and respond to them. 

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